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Registration form and BCV8 Regulations for the season can be found under the year pages, as can the Race Calendar.  Round details and Entry forms will be added as available.

2019 Winners

Overall BCV8 Champion
Jordan Spencer


Class AB - Russ McAngus

Class C - Jordan Spencer


Class B - Mark Scott

Class D - Neil Fowler

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MGCC BCV8 Championship

The MG Car Club's long established BCV8 Championship is the premier series for MGB and MGC racing, offering classes for the fully modified V8s to road going cars.

The BCV8 Championship has been one of the most successful Club based motor racing series and continues to thrive by providing close racing at a relatively low cost.

The Racing Regulations for the BCV8 Championship were drafted back in the middle of 1976 in the Old Ship at Mortlake opposite the finishing line of the annual Boat Race and the BCV8 Championship was born at the start of 1977.

The MGBV8 has played a major part in the spectator value of the BCV8 series and the powerful full-house machines have raised the performance game. However, the V8 has not eclipsed the 1800 and modified MGB racing is as close and exciting as ever.

Today the MGCC's BCV8 Championship has some of the closest racing you could wish to see and is as popular as ever, packed with MGB enthusiasts - not only the older members but most important younger competitors and their friends. The MGB is still an affordable sports car for club racing and the spares suppliers have created an availability of parts which is as good as ever.

Many drivers over the 40 plus years of the Championship have 'cut their teeth' in an MGB and owe their success and driving skills to racing with the  BCV8 Championship.   They give their thanks to the BCV8 Championship for having provided them with a way of entering and enjoying motor racing and learning the basic skills in a friendly and affordable club series.

Come and join us and find out.  Just fill out the Registration form and e mail or post it off to the Coordinator.